A black man just shot up an Asian hair salon and a Chinese Communist Party devotee shot up a Taiwanese church. When is Biden going to address this hate?
ยท May 19, 2022 ยท NottheBee.com

We heard a lot about the scourge of white supremacy and the need for gun control from Emperor Biden this week following the insanely horrible rampage of scum-of-the-earth criminal who killed 10 black people in Buffalo while wearing a popular Nazi symbol worn by soldiers in Ukraine.

99.99% of you reading this will agree that the pathetic perp should be locked away until Judgement Day. The 0.01% who support the dude should beg forgiveness from God Almighty.

But while the media and the Democratic Party (sorry for the repetition) are busy using 10 more black lives as fodder for their quest for unlimited power, there are other shooting sprees that happened this past week that practically no one is talking about.

First, you have this black man who shot up a hair salon with the expressed purpose of killing Asians:

Jeremy Smith was booked into Dallas County jail on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in connection to the shooting at Hair World Salon in the Koreatown neighborhood on May 11, news station NBC5 reported.

The shooting wounded three female employees, all of whom suffered non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

...According to an affidavit obtained by the Dallas Morning News, Smith's girlfriend told police he was "having delusions" about Asian Americans.

"He begins having delusions that the Asian mob is after him or attempting to harm him," she told detectives, adding that the apparent episodes began about two years ago after Smith had a car crash with a man of Asian descent.

This guy is deluded, but he's following a national trend of black-on-Asian hate crime in recent years.

Of course, when a young white man addicted to prostitution went and shot up an Asian massage parlor in Atlanta last year โ€“ with no specific racial animus โ€“ the media reported on it for months. CNN even marked the one-year anniversary!

Why is this Texas story so buried then? Shouldn't this be on every primetime news segment?

The second story is one we reported on earlier this week. A man walked into a Taiwanese church in California and started blasting, killing a doctor and wounding 5 others. It took days for us to learn the man's name, and even longer to get any photo or details about him.

Turns out, the guy is the member of an affiliate of the Chinese Communist Party, which hates Taiwanese independence and has expressly made it known that it wants to control the tiny island nation.

From Breitbart:

David Chou (Chou Wenwei), 68, an American born in Taiwan and later identified as a member of a Chinese Communist Party umbrella organization, allegedly chained shut the doors of the Geneva Presbyterian Church in Laguna Woods, California, and opened fire on a group of Taiwanese congregants during a luncheon to honor a pastor...

Authorities said they found items in Chou's car that indicated he was "upset" by the existence of a Taiwanese state...

The suspect previously appeared at a local Las Vegas protest, holding up a banner against Taiwanese "demons."

This was a clear case of an ethnic hate crime, as was the first story.

But let's go back to our nation's leader.

On Tuesday, he said, and I quote:

Silence is complicity. It's complicity. We cannot remain silent.

So why hasn't Joe Biden said anything about these crimes or the national trends behind them?

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