A top Canadian university had to delete their pro-LGBTQ post because of Muslim backlash
· May 19, 2022 · NottheBee.com

One of Canada's top universities, Western U, just deleted their pro-LGBTQ post because it was deemed "inappropriate" by the Muslim community.

An image posted to Instagram by Western University showed two women in hijabs in a close embrace depicting them as lesbians.

Or I guess they could be pansexual... or trans... but either way, the image was of (what looks like) two clear Muslim woman about to kiss.

Western used their social feed like every other wokie on Tuesday to celebrate "International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia," also known as "IDAHOTB."

These folks really love their acronyms.

The pro-LGBTQ post highlighted a diverse range of people - an interracial gay couple, a disabled couple, and two women in hijabs leaning in to kiss one another.

The image sparked backlash.

But this time, no one can call the backlash homophobic...

The backlash came from a local Muslim leader, Iman Abd Alfatah Twakkal, who called the image "inappropriate" and had his community draft a response pushing the university to delete the post altogether.

Homosexuality is strictly forbidden in Islam. We all know what can happen to a member of the LGBTQ community in an Islamic state.

But no, no, NO!

This isn't extreme bigotry. It's just their culture.

"We respect the human rights of everyone as protected under Ontario's human rights bill," Twakkal said. "While we appreciate that the intent is to promote inclusion, the poster is doing the opposite. Singling a Muslim religious symbol in that setting is inappropriate."

A petition to remove the post garnered over 2,000 signatures, according to the National Post.

And it was not even a photograph of real people! Two women in hijabs did not even pose for this.

A cartoon gained so much hate from the Muslim community that they gained 2,000 signatures and now I'm writing a news story about it.

"It should be made clear that this is not an attack on the LGBT+ community, and the existence of queer Muslims is acknowledged," the petition noted, adding that what was portrayed in the post was "extremely disrespectful, insensitive and completely imperceptive to the Muslim community at large."

Regardless of your feelings towards pro-LGBTQ propa-gay-da, this double standard is impossible to miss.

  • Muslims are allowed to fight to preserve their culture.
  • They are allowed to get mad at LGBTQ posters.
  • They can tell a top Canadian university to remove their LGBTQ promotional material without being called evil bigots.

Why is no one else allowed to say anything?

Western U's "equity, diversity, and inclusion" authorities (yes... they have school officials who oversee diversity) put out their own statement explaining why they gave into an angry Muslim mob and deleted the post.

"We believe this presents an opportunity for genuine, thoughtful discussion about how we can best support members of the Queer Muslim community, and those from all faiths and backgrounds within the 2SLGBTQ+ community," said equity leader Opiyo Oloya. "In order to promote that discussion, we have removed the image from the post to not distract from these important conversations."

SIDE NOTE: Are we putting 2-Spirited before or after LGBTQ+, because I've seen it both ways and I need an updated Newspeak manual.

What a bunch of fluff! They deleted the post so they don't "distract from these important conversations"

Yeeeeah, right.

It's an awkward moment when a university has to choose a side. And it's a tough call to make!

You got groomers on one side and a religion that includes a fringe ideology that believes in throwing gays off rooftops.


Marginalized group vs. marginalized group. Let the most oppressed win!

Grab your popcorn, folks.

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