If you want nothing to do with these crazy trans videos, please listen to this woman explain how her girlfriend convinced her she was male and her warning for kids today
ยท May 19, 2022 ยท NottheBee.com

Tragic stuff right here.

Look, I get that you're tired of all the back and forth about the trans issue.

But these are people's lives. Their identities are being erased and they are being groomed to inflict permanent damage to their bodies.

I started binding [my chest]. I went by this stupid different name. I still remember it. It's dumb. And, you know, went with that little acceptance. Yeah, and that was in my early 20s... Once I broke up with her, got away from those friends, I wanted nothing to do with that and I immediately stopped. I was so glad that I am who I am today. Thank God.

Oh my gosh, I really enjoy just being me.

I look at the younger generation today and what they're doing to kids and how easy it is for their minds and to just flop that, and it is โ€“ it's like a mental delusion, because I was a full-a** grown adult convinced by 1 person, their friend supported me, and it was like instant...

That happened to me in my early 20s and I was convinced that quick, imagine these younger kids with just like a single teacher telling them, 'You are not a boy, you're a girl.' Or the other way around.

Nearly everyone reading these words has sympathy for the small number of people who genuinely suffer from gender dysphoria. No one wants to deny they exist or keep them from getting compassionate care. We merely disagree on what said care looks like.

But there's a horrible monster out there that's grabbing kids and twisting their minds and bodies to feed the power of a delusional cult that, like medieval alchemists, wants to achieve some gender-bending influence over the fabric of reality itself in pursuit of political and societal power.

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All it takes is a single friend or crush to tell vulnerable people they should change their name and start living as a member of the opposite sex.

How much more influence do teachers, celebrities, companies (looking at you, Disney!), and other authority figures have... especially when you're telling things to impressionable little kids??

This is important stuff! We need to be brave like this lady!

If we aren't, it's gonna ruin the lives of countless children.

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