This mom already gave birth to her son once to get him a lifesaving surgery and in a few months she'll give birth to him a second time ✊
· May 19, 2022 ·

Moms are known to do some pretty hardcore stuff for their babies, but "give birth to them twice" is not one you encounter every day:

After giving birth to her son Levi James last Wednesday, Jaiden Ashlea is due to give birth to him a second time in July.

It's all part of an elaborate plan to save the baby's life.

Little Levi was diagnosed with spina bifida, a very troubling ailment that can include paralysis for life as well as learning disabilities.

Jaiden was initially told that her son would be brain dead and there was no hope for them. Wisely, she sought insight from several other doctors:

[A]fter getting second and third opinions from specialists in Orlando, which is just over two hours away from her home, Ashlea learned that there was hope for her son. She could potentially undergo a cutting-edge surgery to repair his spine while he was still gestating.

That's why it's always important to insist:

And a good thing she did, too:

Roughly six weeks after the troubling diagnosis, Ashlea went under the knife. Doctors made a cesarean incision along her stomach, broke her water and successfully repaired the sizable lesion, or abnormality, plaguing the L2 vertebrae in the baby's lower back. Then, they repositioned the tot inside Ashlea's tummy, sewed her up and put her on strict bed rest until the baby will be developed enough for an actual C-section delivery at 37 weeks. The procedure involved full anesthesia and took roughly six hours. Ashlea is now about 27 weeks along and has noticed her baby's health has improved.

Folks, we all say it it sooner or later:

Thanks be to God for good doctors and good mothers!

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