JUST IN: Twitter to put flags on tweets that violate its new "crisis misinformation policy." Come for the info, stay for the replies.

May 19th

I can't wait to find out how this fun new policy is used to censor people that don't agree with Wokeism!

Yeah, so the basics are that Twitter wants to add "context" to posts related to crises to sort out propaganda from fact.

Some examples of Tweets that we may add a warning notice to include:

  • False coverage or event reporting, or information that mischaracterizes conditions on the ground as a conflict evolves;
  • False allegations regarding use of force, incursions on territorial sovereignty, or around the use of weapons;
  • Demonstrably false or misleading allegations of war crimes or mass atrocities against specific populations;
  • False information regarding international community response, sanctions, defensive actions, or humanitarian operations.

If this were purely an objective mechanism to actually add good context to stories like the "Ghost of Kiev" in specific arenas of war and natural disaster, then that would be okay (if not still something to be wary about).

But Twitter HQ doesn't add "context" to anything it deems "misinformation" without purpose. A Marxist-identified Twitter engineer just admitted this week, after all, that Twitter is "commie as f***."

Today, it's the war in Ukraine. Sometimes, like with the Ghost of Kiev, their context might be helpful. But do you think they'll add "context" to the propaganda put out by the woke leaders?

  • What about climate issues? The world is gonna end in 3, 5, 10, or 20 years after all! We're burning up! This is a CRISIS!
  • What about parents' obsession with protecting kids from groomers?? This is an assault that's undermining our entire public education system! It's a CRISIS!
  • What about people who say men are men and women are women and that those are the only two options? That's obviously putting the lives of trans youth at risk, threatening a greater CRISIS of mental health!

You get the picture.

While this first iteration is focused on international armed conflict, starting with the war in Ukraine, we plan to update and expand the policy to include additional forms of crisis.


Anyway, the internet (as always) had thoughts:

C'mon and finish buying this place, Elon!

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