A transgender athlete just won a women's golf tournament and is set on winning on the LPGA Tour
· · May 18, 2021 · NottheBee.com

My apologies to half the human race born with XX chromosomes, but y'all just aren't good enough to win women's sports these days:

The winner of this mini-tour women's event was Hailey Davidson, who I can only say was born with XY chromosomes lest the Ministry of Truth deem this article too "unscientific" for distribution.

"On May 13, Davidson drained a 5-footer for par on the 18th hole to win her first professional title, topping LPGA player Perrine Delacour in the process," said Golfweek. "That same day she also received an email from the USGA stating that she'd met the organization's Gender Policy eligibility criteria and can now compete in its championships."

Davidson has had surgery to remove the parts that made Davidson appear outwardly as a male (if this sentence doesn't showcase the end of language, I don't know what does). Davidson has also been taking hormone treatments for years to fight against those XY chromosomes exerting their stubborn will in every cell of the body.

"'I'm not just going to be stuck on mini-tours,' said Davidson, who is believed to be the first transgendered woman to win a professional tournament in the U.S."

LPGA's chief tour operations officer says the organization is currently reviewing Davidson's application to play in the LPGA Tour.

Here's a photo of Davidson before and after publicly identifying as a woman:

And here's a photo of Davidson next to a female golfer at the tournament. Note the difference in muscle mass, lung capacity, height, and bone structure, even after years of surgeries and hormones. You will be told this is not important and that you must be quiet in the name of tolerance.

Although the woke will say otherwise, this is not meant to disparage Davidson personally, who remains a person fearfully and wonderfully made in God's image despite my disagreement over the definition of gender and who should play which sports.

However, it is certainly meant to disparage the religion of Wokeism and the devout disciples at the LPGA who are erasing women and their accomplishments for the sake of ideology.

Whether Davidson wins on the LPGA Tour this year or not, eventually, a biological male with all those years of testosterone conditioning and a brain hardwired from birth with superior visuospatial skills (don't ding me for quoting Stanford University, fact-checkers!) will win the premiere golfing tournament for women.

If you're a woman and you think this an erasure of your very existence, just remember that letting biological males dominate your sports is how we defeat sexism and the patriarchy once and for all!


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