The University of Illinois is now condemning the use of "digital blackface," or when non-black individuals use GIFs or emojis featuring black people
· · May 18, 2021 ·

Ladies and gents, this is the dumbest thing you'll see all week.

Or is it?

You never know anymore:

Yes, that IS the University of Illinois' ACTUAL WEBSITE.

E N H A N C E:

The university is promoting the made-up idea that "digital blackface" is actually a thing and that it should be discouraged at all costs.

Yeah right!

Side note: I'm not even mad that her hair is blonde. Just sayin.

But I am mad that the University of Illinois is trying to get us to NOT INCLUDE BLACK PEOPLE IN OUR CULTURE! Cuz that's really what this is.

It isn't actual blackface.

Here's that video from the website, by the way:

And here's another article on the issue if you for some reason feel like checking it out.

Here's a quote from this garbage:

"Be mindful of the ways different races are represented in the images and gifs you choose to use on social media. Are Black people shown as students and researchers, or do you only use them for funny reaction gifs?"

When's the last time you shared a GIF of a student or a researcher?

I've used a stock image like this. And yes, I chose the black person.

Yay me!

I think the only GIF of a "researcher" I've ever shared was Bill Nye giving a sarcastic thumbs up. Does that count?

When's the last time you shared a gif without a funny or exaggerated reaction? Like, isn't that the entire point?

It is.

So keep sharing GIFs of black people.

Keep sharing GIFs of white people.

Keep sharing GIFs of ALL people.

...Because you're a normal person, and you don't have to adjust to whatever strange woke world these people are trying to create.


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