Vegan influencer who only ate “exotic fruit” dies of starvation
· Aug 1, 2023 ·

Okay, for real, not trying to make a joke out of this. It's very sad. It's also just unbelievably predictable:

Vegan influencer Zhanna Samsonova has reportedly "died of starvation" after subsisting exclusively off a diet of exotic fruit in Malaysia, according to her friends and family.

She was 39.

The photos this woman posted online do not depict someone who is healthy and in good shape. They depict someone who is, yes, slowly starving to death.

Samsonova claimed she consumed nothing but "fruits, sunflower seed sprouts, fruit smoothies and juices." for the last four years.

I'm sorry to tell you, but in this world, like it or not, the human body can't get what it needs from "sunflower seed sprouts" and papaya juice.

This isn't the first person to have tried living off exotic fruit. August Engelhardt, born in 1875 in Germany, was the son of a paint factory owner who became a pharmacist assistant after attending university. He became obsessed with finding the perfect diet and came across a trend called "cocoivorism" that believed coconuts were the ultimate food.

Engelhardt moved to a Pacific island and started a literal sun cult with a diet based on fruit alone. When he developed sores on his skin, he blamed the fruit and ate only coconut from there on out.

He died at age 44 in 1919 as an emaciated sack of bones suffering from extreme malnourishment and mental illness.

Raw food diets often bring with them a whole host of health defects, including "deficiencies in calcium and Vitamin D, which are needed for strong bones," as well as "suboptimal B12 levels, which can result in anemia, nervous system damage, infertility and… heart disease."

As one of Samsonova's friends put it after her death: "You don't need to be a doctor to understand where this will lead."


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