Watch: This whale watching boat briefly achieved flight after a humpback sent it skyward
ยท Apr 28, 2022 ยท

Off the coast of La Paz in the Mexican state of Baja California, a whale watching expedition had an unexpected encounter with one of the giant beasts of the sea when it smashed into a humpback whale and was thrown violently upward.


More from Newsweek:

Civil Protection spokesperson Benjamin Garcia told local media that the boat's operators may not have known the whale was underwater in the area, stating: "The whale came up from the sea and that is when it pushed the boat, with some passengers falling and suffering injuries.

"Three people were hospitalized, one of them seriously, and two others were treated at the port."

The incident is currently under investigation by the state Attorney General's office to determine if the tour operator was at fault, as the vessel may have been exceeding the speed limit at the time of the collision.

During April, Baja is the best place in the world for whale watching, as many different species head to the tropical waters and the calving lagoons. The warm waters provide plenty of food, and a nice getaway for the expecting mothers.

However, as more people show up to watch all the whales, the chances for collision increase.

There's no word on the whale, but hopefully it's okay!

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