Alabama just gave the country a masterclass in how to fight back against transgender indoctrination of children ✊
· Apr 12, 2022 ·

Is the tide turning on transgender insanity throughout the country? Let's hope so:

What do the two laws in question say? Well, HB322 is rock-bottom simple, barely over two pages long, the gist of which is:

A public K-12 school shall require every multiple occupancy restroom or changing area designated for student use to be used by individuals based on their biological sex.


SB184 is a bit more involved, but in a good way.

  • It outlaws the surgical mutilation of children's genitals and the administration of cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers to children, and
  • It forbids school officials from keeping secrets from parents about their children's "gender identities."

The law itself is chock-full of broadsides against transgender ideology, such as this one:

Puberty blockers prevent gonadal maturation and thus render patients taking these drugs infertile. Introducing cross-sex hormones to children with immature gonads as a direct result of pubertal blockade is expected to cause irreversible sterility. Sterilization is also permanent for those who undergo surgery to remove reproductive organs, and such persons are likely to suffer through a lifetime of complications from the surgery, infections, and other difficulties requiring yet more medical intervention.

Tell 'em, Alabama! Shia, clap for Alabama again!

Republicans, take note: Saving little children from a lifetime of horror and mutilation is a winning issue. Go on the offensive on this one!

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