Allie Beth Stuckey just DEMOLISHED this nursing bra company for using the term "chestfeeding"
· Jun 15, 2021 ·

Kindred Bravely literally makes nursing bras and yet they're apparently still confused about the mechanics of breastfeeding. In an Instagram post, they gave a definition of "Chestfeeding," which is honestly the dumbest thing I've read in a while, and that's saying a lot.

Upon reflection, this probably explains the poor fit on that one nursing bra I got from them (#truestory)...

They have been deleting negative comments on the post, but oh man, were there a lot of them, including this scorcher from the conservative queen, Allie Beth Stuckey herself:

And that was just the first part. Here was her epic takedown in full:

Hi! I hope to add some clarity here. I hear you: you're not trying to erase mothers or diminish breastfeeding. You're just trying to introduce a word some people may prefer to use. Even so, I'd like to shed light on why there are women who are offended by this. Until about 5 minutes ago, it was universally accepted, as it has been for all of human history, that there is a real, material, biological difference between and definition of male and female, and that this dichotomy is necessary for producing life. While some gender norms have changed, biology, and thus those differences and definitions, have not.

Today in the West, many progressives have exchanged that basic biological reality for a postmodern ideology that asserts gender & sex are separate entities, and that "gender identity" is something felt on the inside that ultimately determines who you are. To be frank, it's nonsense. The work author of the idea, Dr. John Money, is nonsense (& disturbing). Thus, this post is nonsense. The intent is kind, I'm sure, but it is nonsensical nonetheless.

Chestfeeding, birthing people, people with periods, gestaters, menstruaters, etc., are all dehumanizing, crude, Orwellian terms to describe functions we have always understood to be exclusive to women. Biology matters. Without being able to define what it means to be a woman via biological reality, we can have no sex-based rights or protection. Without sex-based rights, women and girls are left vulnerable. You'll notice that this whole thing is a danger to women, not to men. There's no "people with testicles" movement. Women who identify as men aren't trying to transfer into men's prisons or play against men in sports.

Though you may not have meant to, your post has contributed to a much larger issue, and some women are going to be understandably offended.

But really, what was their goal? They're a company that exclusively caters to moms, and specifically breastfeeding moms, they say as much in their bio:

Looks like they need to update this to reflect the woke lingo. No longer are they providing clothes for moms but for birthing people and chestfeeders.

They explain in several replies to comments that they aren't replacing the terms mom or breastfeeding but simply adding to them. But if "chestfeeders" and "birthing people" are more inclusive terms, so why would they use the exclusive terms sometimes? Isn't that bigoted?

I vote that we just always call it "nursing" because nurse is not gendered language unless you're sexist and think only women can be nurses, but that's another problem altogether.

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