WATCH: Woman defends her right to remain maskless in what used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave

Dec 28th

We now live in the twilight zone. Here's a video of a young woman in a store, bravely defending her right to show her face in public from a mob of fellow Americans harassing her and threatening to call the police.

Also, note how the blue checkmark who recorded this video refers to her:

"I'm not saying COVID's not real," said the woman in the video after CVS employees refused her service. "I'm just saying, I'm not sick. I'm not sick and asymptomatic spread has been shown to be a myth, so why am I going to be treated like a sick person?"

She then went on to discuss how the overall mortality rate in the U.S. has remained unchanged this year from past years and expressed concern at the overall narrative being sold:

"Do you know that there have been fewer deaths in [2020] than in [2019]? All they've done is recategorize all the deaths. This is not what they're telling us it is. It's a lie. This is a lie, I'm telling you. It's a lie and everyone's buying it. And it will go on and on and on as long as they feed us this lie and we comply with it, and I am done. Tonight, I've reached a breaking point, I'm done. I know I'm not reaching any of you in here, I don't care."

After another shopper threatened to call the police, the woman ended by saying we are treating each other like we all have a disease, and reiterated that she's no longer complying with the insanity of endless mask mandates, social distancing guidelines, and lockdowns.

Eventually, police officers did reportedly arrive and the woman left the store.

Before continuing, let me note again: this clip is from the United States of America.

Without entering into the much-debated science of the efficacy of masks, let's get something straight: we are now at a point in our society where we view everyone with suspicion, report our neighbors, and refuse service for failing to cover their faces – and then pretend this is good and normal and will lead to good things in our culture.

If you've lived in the Middle East as I have, these scenes may seem familiar. I just never thought I'd see them in America.

Take this example of Iranians harassing women for not wearing a compulsory head covering while in their car:

The argument of the man in this video is scarily similar to the first video. He tells the woman that she needs to follow Islamic law and that she can go without a hijab in the privacy of her own home.

Regardless of your opinion on masks, when our cultural mandates begin looking like living under strict Sharia law, perhaps something has gone amiss.

What's worse, at least the Iranian people have more of a backbone than the Americans in the video. We haven't just lost some backbone – we've become invertebrate. Check out another video where an Iranian woman is harassed for not covering her hair. Notice how people cheer in support for her as she confronts a man telling her to cover her head:

Now go back to the first video in America, where not a single person came to the woman's aid – instead glaring at her or outright accusing her of attempted murder-by-breathing.

What are we becoming?

Are we still the land of the free, and where are the brave?


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