An Italian husband took a 280-mile walk to cool down after a fight with his wife. Then he got fined for breaking lockdown restrictions.

Dec 7th

"I said I need some air!" (in Italian)

At least that's what I assume were this fella's last words to his wife before he walked out of the house.

An unnamed Italian husband got so mad at his wife that he needed to take a walk to calm down. That walk turned into a week-long, 280-mile hike through Italy. And it ended when police picked him up and fined him for being out during Italy's strict 10 pm to 5 am curfew.

The man, age 48, averaged 40 miles a day and made it from Como all the way to Fano, a beach resort on the Adriatic coast.

The police said he was cold and tired when they found him, but otherwise okay. They called his wife who had reported him missing. She came and picked him (and also covered his €400 fine).

I wonder what the drive home was like. 🤣


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