An Ohio man was drowning in Lake Erie so a fisherman hooked him and reeled him in ๐ŸŽฃ
ยท May 12, 2022 ยท

My goodness, this guy is lucky it was opening week. Otherwise, he might have been out of luck.

Yup, great story.

We've all been in this position with a simple runaway lure. Quickly you tie another one on and cast your heart out, hoping to reel it back in before it floats away.

But for this Ohio fisherman it wasn't a simple $3 rattling minnow he had in mind. He was literally casting to save a drowning man.

It happened around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night, when fishermen at Cleveland's Edgewater Beach noticed a man out on Lake Erie fighting for his life. The man wasn't too far out, and it sounds like a few fishermen jumped off the pier and into the water to help but were unsuccessful.

One man, who must've been out fishing for those big daddy salmon, decided to cast his hefty line out and try to hook the drowning man. And you betcha, he gottem! Dude reeled him in, and with the help of a few other men pulled the man up onto the pier to safety.

Paramedics arrived shortly after this and transported the man to MetroHealth Medical System.

(The man remains in critical condition, and hopefully he will be okay.)

As for the man who reeled him in, he is an absolute legend.

It takes a lot of angling experience to be able to pull this off. But when the pressure was on, dude went to work and did exactly what he needed to do.

And he may have saved this man's life.

Bravo, sir.


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