Watch: Ana Navarro Says GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Meeting With Trump At Mar-a-Lago Is "White Slavery"
· Jan 30, 2021 ·

On Thursday, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy went to Florida to meet with Donald Trump, supposedly to discuss 2022 Republican House races. This, of course, cause many Democrat heads to explode. How dare Kevin McCarthy meet with the former President of the United States?

But one reaction rises above them all. That honor belongs to Ana Navarro who, on The View, says that this meeting brought to her mind "white slavery."

No joke.

Check it out:

Ready? All together now:

"He looks like he's owned by his master, and his master is Donald Trump, and it's pathetic."

Well... that's one take.

No matter where you stand on Trump, calling Kevin McCarthy a "white slave" because he went to Florida to meet with Trump, well that's crazy any way you slice it.

But no, apparently it's totally OK to compare people to slaves if it's a funny joke criticizing Republicans at Donald Trump's expense. Then using slaves as a prop is totally OK.

She did clarify that it is white slavery, after all. So that makes it OK. I guess.

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