Andrew Cuomo actually said "incompetent government kills people" after shuttle-busing 'Rona patients into nursing homes last year
· Jan 27, 2021 ·

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told MSNBC that "incompetent government" has caused excess deaths during the pandemic.

Here was the balloonhead spouting off on TV. Note how the MSNBC anchor just approves of everything he's saying without a single critical question about his botched handling and coverup of everything COVID-related.

If you've followed any news for the last 300 days or so, you might find that just a bit ironic.

You know, just the tiniest, littlest bit!

Of course, what Cuomo meant was that Trump's incompetence killed people (because Cuomo was too busy writing and publishing a book on his "true leadership" in 2020 to be at fault).

Of course, NY residents – and even state Democrats – are ticked about his failure to actually provide any data on the actual number of COVID deaths in the state.

"It is downright insulting to the co-equal State Legislature that, six months later, DOH is continuing to stonewall us on basic questions," said state Sen. James Skoufis this week, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Investigations Committee who is moving to subpoena Cuomo and the health department.

Without any further commentary, I'll just leave this small list to take you down memory lane. I assume you can draw your own informed conclusions from there.

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