HERE WE ARE: Another Canadian pastor was arrested after a police helicopter found his church’s new secret location. He was hauled off to jail in front of his family.
· Jun 15, 2021 ·

Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church in Alberta was arrested in front of his family on Monday, a week after the government seized his church building and forced his congregation to worship underground.

Stephens was also arrested briefly last month, but the charges were dropped when authorities realized they had forgotten to serve the pastor with the court order they were accusing him of violating. Classic bureaucratic mistake!

On Sunday, however, a police helicopter (!!!) discovered Stephens and his congregation meeting secretly in a new location. While authorities haven't said why a police helicopter was circling the area looking for dissidents like North Korea, it led to the congregation being surrounded by police cruisers.

Police didn't stop the time of worship, but observed and then arrested Stephens on Monday at his home:

Listen to the wails of his family. Are you proud of yourself, Canada? Are you making a better world?

You government leaders should be utterly ashamed, you clowns!

The pastor now joins the growing list of church leaders arrested for refusing the government narrative and restrictions related to worship during COVID, including James Coates and Artur Pawlowski. These pastors continue to warn about the erasure of freedoms and the hypocrisy of their leaders, who are often discovered disregarding their own rules.

The last thing Stephens posted to Twitter was this:

Attendance at these churches has grown, even as the congregations meet secretively to avoid government persecution. It's funny how tyrannical leaders never seem to understand how the Church grows the more it is harassed!

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