Another rapper endorses Trump, rips Biden's tax plan

Oct 26th

Days after popular rapper 50 Cent endorsed Trump for re-election, another megastar has publicly announced support for the president.

20-year-old Gazzy Garcia, known as "Lil Pump," livestreamed a colorfully-worded statement to his 17 million followers that slammed Joe Biden's tax plan and pledged support for Trump.

[Warning: As I said, very colorful language]

For those who'd like to save themselves the profanity, here's what he said:

"All I gotta say is Trump 2020... F*** I look like paying an extra 33 in tax for Biden... F*** sleepy Joe... Trump 2020!"

Shakespeare he is not, but Mr. Pump joins a growing list of celebrities who have publicly supported the president, much to the consternation of leftists (mostly white) across the nation. In addition to 50 Cent, rapper Waka Flocka said last week that Trump may be a better president than Obama. Rapper Ice Cube was also criticized for meeting with the president's team to discuss ways to help black Americans (even though he hasn't endorsed Trump).

And of course, we can't forget about Kanye.

Lil Pump also shared a photoshopped image of him shaking Trump's hand:

Instagram / Lil Pump

The response, as you can imagine, was brutal. Any time a celebrity endorses Orange Man Bad, the screams of the triggered echo violently from sea to shining sea.

Will Lil Pump stand by his eloquent endorsement? Or will he cave to the demands of the tolerant and sane Left – like 50 Cent, who has now retracted his endorsement after woke liberal Chelsea Handler reminded him "that he's black"?

Regardless of what a random entertainer says, the point is this: even with all the deranged hatred and abject vilification of Trump, it's worth noting a trend of megastars putting their literal careers on the line to show the smallest amount of support for the president. Why some of the most vocal support is coming from rappers, I can't definitively say. Perhaps it's that they are the most likely to call it like they see it, as opposed to the majority of the elitist, woke celebrities out there.

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