AOC claims she wanted to "deck" comedian Alex Stein for harassing her, but it sure looks like she wanted to take a selfie with him
ยท ยท Jul 14, 2022 ยท

Wednesday night, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to Twitter because of an incident with a conservative protestor, Alex Stein.

First, the ever-so-honest AOC posted, then deleted, this tweet about her interaction with Stein.

In this tweet, she quotes Stein as using words he never used and, of course, blames her security for not stepping in to take the guy out.

AOC deleted this tweet because the video came out of what he actually said.

But, AOC being AOC, decided she'd share the video showing her to be a liar because her fans would still love it.

[Warning: Mild Language]

Alright, so I'll admit Stein was being crude and really silly, that's his brand (his point is to show how libs are okay with conservatives being heckled but can't take the heat themselves), but watch the video and then look at how AOC reacted.

She did NOT think this guy was a threat to her in any way.

She claims she wanted to deck him, but it's pretty clear from her cute little peace sign pose that she was in no way offended or worried about Stein.

She lied about what Stein said to her, making his language seem much more vulgar than it was. Then when the video came out she lied about the video, saying she was offended and wanted to assault the guy.

Pretty ironic given her public stance on protesting government officials.

This isn't the first time Alex Stein has made our site.

If you aren't familiar with him, you HAVE to watch the recent Babylon Bee interview show with Stein.

The man is wild!

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