Apparently Gen Z Doesn't Know What Meat Is And I Am Now Weeping For Our Future

Apr 28th

Umm, so I guess Gen Z, you know this upcoming generation of ADULTS, don't know what they are eating when they are eating meat.

Well, that sure is unsettling. Here is the original tweet and I want to show you some of the replies so you know just how screwed our world is about to be.

It's unclear what the original poster actually thought meat was... but apparently the idea that it is muscle just shook her.

Just a quick reminder, these people can vote.

These people can drive. These people can vote. These people will be running the country before long.

There's more.

We were just eating only skin. All the way down to the bone. These geniuses are graduating from high school. And going to college. And getting degrees.

This is probably my favorite exchange.

Or maybe it's this one.

What. Are. Ribs? Seriously. This next generation is scary.

This person's username contains 1996, so I assume that's their birth year. THIS IS A 25 YEAR OLD WOMAN WHO DOESN'T KNOW WHAT MEAT IS!

You can keep delving into the depths if you want, but it's very depressing. I know, some of the responses have to be trolling, but some are genuine. And that's beyond disturbing.

As a matter of fact, I'm not sure I want to be on the internet ever again. I understand if we all have the Ron Swanson reaction to this news.


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