Apparently Women Can't Use The Term "The Girls" Because That Phrase Belongs To Trans Women...
· · Jun 15, 2022 ·

I have heard some ridiculous statements from people in the LGBTQETC community, but this one might just take the cake.

Apparently the phrase "the girls" should not be used by actual girls because it's something that the trans community says when referring to "trans girls" (AKA boys).

Yeah, this is a real thing.

Fortunately, as this person notes, nobody outside his circle is taking this argument too seriously. But apparently, if you use a simple phrase like "I'm going shopping with the girls" to mean real and actual girls then you are 100%, without a doubt, transphobic.

The term "the girls" originated from the trans community because that's something that they use to kind of just talk about themseles, specifically like girls in the community.

You can say it's like slang within the community.

Umm, I am not an etymologist, or phraseologist, or whatever, but I am pretty darn sure that the term "the girls" did not actually originate in the trans community.

If I had to guess, the term "the girls" originated from, I don't know, literally anywhere that actual girls existed and grouped together.

I understand "the girls" is a very simple term that people would resonate with, but at the same time, us trans people have one thing and you people have to take it?

Trans people only have one thing and that thing is the phrase "the girls"? And this dude is gonna literally cry over it?

Maybe I'm crazy, but in today's society I feel like the entire world is bending over backward to change the world to fit with this transgender madness. I think trans people have more than one thing.

Like female sports. That's something trans people can totally own.

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