As they prepare to strap N95 masks on your kids, enjoy this early 2020 flashback to nurses showing the brutal effects of wearing them all day
· Jan 21, 2022 ·

Many health officials seem to be quietly scrambling away from the whole wear-a-piece-of-cotton-across-your-face-to-stop-a-respiratory-virus thing and have established a new standard in which we should all be wearing N95 masks whenever we go out.

Officials and commentators have even begun demanding that schoolchildren start wearing N95 masks all day long. Many parents are happily going along with such recommendations.

Yet most people seem to have forgotten a major lesson we learned very early in the pandemic: Wearing a properly-fitted N95 mask all day is very, very, very unpleasant.

How do we know that? Because in the chaotic, terrifying month of March 2020, nurses and health workers were regularly posting selfies online showing the at-times brutal effects that resulted from wearing high-protection masks during long hospital shifts.

A few examples:

Weird... it seems like, back in 2020, everyone knew that wearing a restrictive N95 mask all day was really painful, uncomfortable and unpleasant – because you need an airtight seal to make them effective.

Now it seems like like nobody really cares about that anymore, at least as far as kids are concerned.

Ah well, best not to question it—don't worry, "kids are resilient!"

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