Australians In Queensland Will Be Denied Life-Saving Transplant Surgery Unless They Get The Jab. Are We Sure These People Only Care About Our Health?
· Dec 6, 2021 ·

There's a very disturbing news report coming out of Queensland, Australia where the government-run healthcare system is denying life-saving surgeries to patients who don't get the Covid-19 jab.

Watch this clip from an Australian news broadcast as they report on this absolutely horrifying development.

That report was from 7 News in Australia, and there's an article from the same news source online that confirms this story and provides the reasoning given by the health authorities in Queensland.

"People hoping to receive an organ transplant in Queensland may be denied the potentially life-saving procedure if they refuse to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

Queensland Health has confirmed patients have "a minimum requirement of two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine prior to receiving a kidney, lung or heart transplant".

The mandate has been put in place because those who undergo such an operation have weakened immune systems, the authority said."

So, if you live in Queensland and need a new kidney, heart, or lung you are required to get the vax before doctors will perform the transplant.

Yes, according to policy, doctors will literally withhold life-saving surgery in order to force unvaccinated individuals to receive the Covid shot.

This is beyond cruel. It's barbaric.

This is from a statement released by Queensland Health:

"A recipient is highly immunosuppressed post-transplant, which is why it's incredibly important for the person to be vaccinated prior to transplant. Queensland Health prioritizes safety before, during and after a transplant.

"That is why the Queensland Kidney Transplant Service has endorsed a minimum requirement of two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine prior to receiving a kidney, lung or heart transplant."

Basically, they're rationing life-saving surgery. They rationalize this by saying that it would be a waste of an organ donation to give it to an un-vaxxed person because they'll likely die from Covid anyways.

Forget for a moment that Covid numbers in Australia are insanely low (less than 100 people under 50 have died in two years).

How does this comport with the Hippocratic Oath, to do no harm to a patient?

Holding organs for ransom until someone gets a vaccine is pure cruelty. It's just another way this government has found to force people into compliance.

And people in Australia are probably just going to go along with it.

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