Biden has spent over a quarter of his term on vacation, or as CNN puts it, "working from Delaware"
· Oct 18, 2022 ·

Anyone can see that President Biden is clearly not running the country.

He has Jill, Ron Klain, and other people to do that for him.

As a matter of fact, as we've reported before, Joe Biden has spent an INSANE amount of time during his presidency on vacation.

However, if you ask CNN, this is what they'll say about Biden's exorbitant amount of time spent away from the White House:

Of course the headline is about comparing him to Trump! 🤣

From the article:

It's a familiar weekly ritual. As of this point in his presidency, Biden has spent more than a quarter of his time working from his home state of Delaware, either at his house in Wilmington or his Rehoboth Beach property.

Some 21 months into his term, Biden has made 55 visits to Delaware, totaling some or all of 174 days as of Sunday, according to a CNN analysis of presidential schedules and a tally kept by Mark Knoller, the longtime unofficial statistician of the White House press corps. In addition, Biden has made 19 visits, or all or part of 64 days, to the Camp David presidential retreat in rural Maryland.

Wait, does CNN really expect us to believe the president is working on his weekly vacation trips?


I guess Biden thinks the pandemic is still happening and trying to relate to young workers by "working from home" as the freaking President of the United States.

Some argue that Biden can now lean into the normalcy of working from home, which millions of Americans had to rely on when Covid-19 forced isolation from offices and public spaces. "WFH" is not just a shorthand for being productive at the home office, it's become a professional way of life for many.

"It is 2022, not 1922. If the rest of the country can work from home, so can the president of the United States," said Michael LaRosa, a director at a DC-based public affairs firm and former press secretary to first lady Dr. Jill Biden.

Do they really think Biden's weekly vacations to Delaware make him more appealing to lazy work-from-home millennials and Gen-Zers?

He's out there falling off of bikes and chomping on ice cream. That ain't work.

Especially when the economy is in shambles and the threat of nuclear war keeps getting brought up. Leaders can't lead from a beach house.

And if Biden is on duty during these trips, then what's the itinerary?

That's a good question, if Biden is working why don't we know who is paying him visits in Delaware?

Surely it isn't that the people REALLY running the show, like Obama and his friends, are visiting Joe every single weekend and setting the puppetry in motion for the coming week, right?

Joe Biden's regular vacations may just be a lazy old man taking as many days off as possible, or it may be that the White House is really trying to hide Sleepy Joe's visitors as much as possible.

Either way, this is a very bad look for Biden.

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