Biden just called y'all "domestic enemies" if you disagree with him and set up a "Domestic Terrorism Task Force" for funsies
ยท Jan 12, 2022 ยท

I don't know guys, I'm starting to think Captain Unity-Unity is actually Big Brother.

Joe Biden had this to say about the Democrats' push to federalize elections and remove the filibuster:

And then he said this:

Whoa who whoa... who exactly are the "domestic enemies," bud?

Here's some longer context where he literally says destroying our checks and balances is a "turning point" in America:

He made this speech the same day he had the DOJ set up a "Domestic Terrorism Task Force," by the way...

"Anti-government" [read: anti-Democrat] sentiment is now seen as extremism. So is "perceived government overreach." If only King George III had had a domestic extremism task force!

I mean, did you think the government is imposing on your inalienable rights given by God Almighty by locking you up in your homes or mandating medical procedures? YOU TERRORIST!


Thoughts from Tucker Carlson:

Enemies within our own country, we will kill them. It's kind of amusing to see Joe Biden call other people extremists. The message: Give me total power over your life or else I know you're a dangerous radical. It's pretty funny, but it's also not funny.

This dude is making a power grab to divide and destroy both the Republic and the Constitution and he has the gall to say he's on the side of Lincoln??

Joe: One-party rule and penalties for criticizing government is NOT democracy!

Abe is not amused.

Oh, and Biden is still hiding behind the idea of "voter suppression," which includes voter ID according to him. It's why he supported the MLB All Stars game being moved out of Georgia, after all.

Maybe he should look to D.C., where the Democrat mayor just required everyone to show photo ID to go anywhere:

Joe Biden is not on the side of people like MLK and Abraham Lincoln. Not even close!

Buckle up, folks! The president thinks you're a terrorist!

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