Biden Says There Was No Coronavirus Vaccine When He Came Into Office, And I Am Sure The Media Fact Checkers Will Spring Into Action!
· Feb 17, 2021 ·

Last night's Presidential Townhall with Joe Biden included many, many classic Biden goofs. Among the most bizarre things said by Joe Biden, in an effort to discredit the Trump administration, Biden states that there was no Coronavirus vaccine when he entered office.

The media is going to try to help Biden twist his way out of this falsehood, but its ridiculousness is just clear to any observer. We all know when the vaccine was approved and that the Trump Administration was vaccinating one million people a day when Biden took over. OH BY THE WAY BIDEN GOT VACCINATED BEFORE HE TOOK OFFICE. But Biden's exact words were, "it's one thing to have the vaccine which we didn't have when we came into office."

By the way, here are the CNN headlines from when Biden himself received both doses of the Covid vaccine PRIOR to becoming president:

There's a word for this kind of loose lipped lying foolishness.

Oh, but surely after 4 years of obsessively fact checking every little statement made by the President of the United States, not letting even one verbal miscue go unscrutinized, those in the media who value FaCts and aCcUrAcY above all else will surely call Biden out on his obvious falsehood.

Here's the Washington Post's fact checker extraordinaire Glenn Kessler bringing his fact checking prowess to shed some light on the situation.

Oooooooooh, it's a verbal stumble! A "typical Biden gaffe." That's funny, because I don't remember ever hearing the Washington Post describe a Donald Trump gaffe as "typical," unless it was another "typical lie from the bad orange man."

But when it comes to Biden, he's just always misspeaking. The media won't let you believe for one second that good old Joe from Scranton would ever purposefully mislead anyone.

Oh, and here's the CNN fact checker, checking in with facts.

When it comes to Biden, apparently it's okay to use logic and nuance to excuse his falsehood by saying "he clearly wasn't trying to claim the vaccine did not exist at all under Trump" when he did just that.

That's funny, I don't recall CNN ever clarifying anything the last president said. Instead they liked to exaggerate and make things up to damage Donald Trump. I remember being told by the media that Trump said we should inject ourselves with bleach and ingest fish tank cleaner. I don't recall anyone on CNN saying "well obviously he didn't mean that" even though it was obvious to anyone with a brain that that is not what he meant.

Again, Biden's statement, "it's one thing to have the vaccine WHICH WE DIDN'T HAVE WHEN WE CAME INTO OFFICE."

He's not saying it didn't exist, he's just saying there wasn't any when he got into office. See the difference? No? Right, because there is no difference.

Joe Biden just told a whopper. And fact checkers, instead of being silent, have decided to be the Biden PR team.

After the media coverage we've seen in the first moth of the Biden administration, this type of media malfeasance is to be expected. But it should never be accepted.


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