Black Americans at Chicago City Hall: "We are DONE with the Democratic Party!"
· Dec 4, 2023 ·

Chicago has been led by Democrats for decades and black voters are the strongest Democratic supporters, so this right here is wild.

Any Republican candidate in the city of Chicago, now is your time! Because we are done with the Democratic Party. Mayor Johnson and Governor Pritzker and President Biden have shown us what they think about the black community all over this country...

We don't have to support the Democratic Party...

It's gonna be a great day in the city of Chicago when the Democratic Convention comes here and then they find out in March that a lot of black folks took Republican ballots. Deal with that!

Of course, if you ask Joe Biden, these folks ain't black.

This event took place at Chicago City Hall, presumably following a city council meeting. This "Moor Real News" account is filled with black Chicagoans speaking at council meetings about the problems with illegal immigrants, social services, and crime in their neighborhoods. If you want more context on this anger that's rising in black communities, and especially in Chicago, see our previous coverage here:

Here is one particular black voter who is mad about how many resources Chicago, Illinois, and Democrats at large are giving to illegal immigrants. Listen to what he says:

We say this to you mayor, governor, president: If you think they're (illegal immigrants) that powerful that you have to acquiesce to them over us, then you tell THEM to vote for you! You tell THEM to support your Democratic National Convention. We're gonna show you how we feel about the Democratic National Convention.

If you think you're going to have a peaceful Democratic National Convention in the city of Chicago while our people are starving, stay tuned. Stay tuned!

Dems are being threatened with "mostly peaceful" demonstrations because they have completely sold the country out to illegal immigrants.


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