"Black people can't be racist," they say. Listen to the vile insults this man screams at a white couple and their small child.
· Mar 21, 2023 · NottheBee.com

I apologize for the profuse language here (although this racist young man does have a rather impressive vocabulary, not gonna lie), but it's important that you see this stuff because you are being brainwashed into thinking that black people can't be racist.

Take 'em back to Europe with y'all!


I don't care about them ugly a** kids in your race!


Shut up, I don't care about you, you white monkey!


You a dog in this country!


Shut up! I'm a black American! I'm over you!

Racism does not equal ethnic hatred plus power. Those dumb power games are what the commies play.

Racism means hating someone and thinking you are better than them based on the color of their skin. It's an extremely simple concept (which is why said commies are trying to make it complicated).

That is a racist black man who is shouting at a young couple with a kid, calling them "white monkeys" and all sorts of other things. He is the one filled with hate. He is the racist.

But we are laser-focused on a certain kind of racism, and it's causing us to miss the forest for the trees.

This man Tom Hennessy seems to fit that cultural profile. His profile features black crime to prove blacks are inherently savage and warns against the "mixing" of ethnicities. That's also racist, and I'm not gonna pretend it isn't.

But anyone, anywhere can be racist and evil.

It isn't true or kind to say otherwise.

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