Boomsticks across the land, rejoice! Biden's radical ATF nominee is being withdrawn due to bipartisan pressure

Sep 9th

Today is a good day for your AR-15 (if you haven't lost it in a tragic boating accident) and the God-given right to self defense enshrined in the 2nd Amendment.

After an insane amount of pressure on the Biden administration, the White House is withdrawing its nomination of David Chipman for director of the ATF.

President Joe Biden first nominated Chipman, who is a senior policy adviser for the gun-control group Giffords, with hopes that there would be enough congressional support to confirm what would have been the first director the regulatory agency has had in years. After key senators refused to express their explicit support for Chipman, the Biden administration was forced to sit back and listen to Republicans who called out Chipman for being an "anti-gun extremist."

If you don't realize how close a professed ideologue came to the managing the rules on the nation's firearms (all bazillion and one of them), take a gander at these articles for a refresher:

David Chipman is not a run-of-the-mill guy who wants to protect the rights of good guys to defend themselves against bad guys (including their government if needed) while cracking down on criminals who want to murder, steal, and destroy.

Instead, Chipman is the kind of man who wants to make the average law-abiding citizen into a criminal for having weapon's technology that was invented past 1850. Heaven forbid if you want to protect yourself with something other than a musket!

He's built his career on being a bulldog for federal regulation, and he genuinely (but wrongly) seems to believe that history shows the government is always the good guy and that all societal woes are caused by a well-armed citizenry.

I mean, look at how he treats the average person in clips like this:

It's not like Chipman would want people to go out, get top-quality training in shooting and moving, and buy more blasters to train with. Nope, just stuff that thing behind your canned food, you yokels!

That's not all.

Legislators not only scrutinized Chipman for his support for banning AR-15s, but they also noted that the nominee deleted thousands of his old tweets and made his account private..."

I wonder what he didn't want America to see?

A later report suggested that Chipman "has exhibited a pattern of extremely concerning racially biased behavior" by instigating "an unwarranted investigation into an African American employee who he alleged, without evidence, cheated on an exam to become a GS-15." Another report suggested Chipman failed to disclose multiple interviews and other events to the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Oh, he was also upset that the government couldn't use "hate speech" to take your guns away.

"The frustration is, in the United States, the freedom of speech and to say things is largely — cannot be regulated," Chipman said in 2019. "We have to do more to monitor hate speech on the internet. But we also have to do more to curb that same speech being presented by our president and other elected public officials."

"The FBI, other federal agencies, have a tough job responding to these threats when they don't currently have the authority to remove weaponry just because people are saying hateful things," he also said.

Sen. Tom Cotton had this to say:

In addition to Biden's poll numbers are swirling around the toilet right now, this is another major loss for the president right now.

At least he still has his ice cream!

Enjoy using your blasters for fun and for the defense of life and liberty, 'Merica!

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