Boston Children's hospital demands more funding and capacity for trans surgeries on kids, which I was informed wasn't really happening
· Apr 3, 2023 ·

Remember when conservatives came up with that insane and wacky conspiracy theory that children's hospitals across the country, and particularly in Boston, were performing sex reassignment surgeries on kids?

We were told that that isn't true, it's never been true, and right-wing nuts just made the whole thing up.

Anyways, about that thing that isn't happening:

According to Fox, in a paper written by the co-director at the Boston Children's Hospital's gender care clinic, he argued that given right-wing "attacks" and laws in conservative states that ban trans surgery for kids, hospitals like his need to increase funding and capacity.

But yeah, these surgeries totally aren't happening. That's why Boston plans to do more after these bans go into place.

And, remember, we're talking about bodily mutilation of minors under the guise of "Gender Affirming Care."

Oren Ganor is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in gender-affirming surgeries. He has previously stated in an email that the hospital is "'slightly flexible' when it comes to the age of transgender girls seeking genital surgery," according to a local outlet. The policy had not been finalized, he said, "because of the issue around consent for sterilization."

So, the hospital claims they don't do these surgeries on minors, but this doctor himself says that he's flexible, so he obviously doesn't mind chopping off the private parts of minors.

Even if the hospital has to officially deny it happens to Fox News.

"Physicians who provide GAC (Gender affirming care) will face a greater burden due to constraints in certain states… work to criminalize GAC for adolescents," the article stated. "Especially as certain states work to criminalize GAC for adolescents, there will be an increased flux of patients traveling to seek care in states with more open legislation."

But... why? If these surgeries aren't happening why would banning them in, say Tennessee, mean that Boston children's hospital, which claims this surgery isn't available, should see an influx?

Hint: It's because people that chop up perfectly healthy teenagers and kids also don't mind lying to you about it.

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