Massachusetts school superintendent candidate had job offer rescinded after referring to 2 females as "ladies" in an email
· Apr 3, 2023 ·

They may call it a "microaggression" but when an offense is weaponized to destroy someone's career, that's a MACRO problem.

This man in Massachusetts, Vito Perrone, was offered a job as a school superintendent, but the offer was rescinded because he offended a couple of gals in charge of hiring when he used the term "ladies" to address the females.

There used to be a time when the proper and gentlemanly thing to do would be to call women "ladies" but in 2023 it's a "microaggression" and keep you out of a job.

In an attempt to negotiate a higher salary, he addressed the duo of females on the hiring committee as "ladies" and they fired back by calling the title "hostile" and "derogatory."

Then they took back their offer! Because he was a "microagressor"!

Perrone said Kwiecinski (the hiring chairwoman) told him that using "ladies" as a greeting was hostile and derogatory and that "the fact that he didn't know that as an educator was a problem,'" he told the Gazette, adding that she also reprimanded him for using "ladies" as a microaggression.

The real mistake here wasn't Vito's politeness, but that he assumed that these women were actually ladies and not vindictive, sexist, woke losers.

If you ask me, Vito dodged a bullet on this one. You could not pay me enough to work with these perpetual and whiny victims.

What happened here appears to be that Perrone tried to negotiate a higher salary and these women freaked out and just pulled the offer altogether and acted offended at a very benign, normal, and societally acceptable greeting to cover up their inability to negotiate.

And since they refuse to answer any questions from the media about their reasoning in withdrawing the offer, we can assume that Perrone's version of events is an accurate portrayal.

What a stupid world we live in where using the word "ladies" to refer to ladies is an offense that can keep you out of a job.

Everything woke turns to you know what.

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