British police chief laments how white the department is, vows to check more intersectional boxes (and maybe look for qualified officers if there's time)

Jan 13th

Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney wants you to know that the best way to defeat racism is to obsess endlessly over ethnicity and pursue racial quotas in the workforce.

Speaking about the diversity of leadership within the U.K.'s police force, Pinkney shared how this is an essential problem that must be overcome in order to progress to the standards of the #CurrentYear.

"If we look at the Chief Officer group of this constabulary, we are half female and have all sorts of other diverse characteristics – but we are all white," said Pinkney.

Yes, you read that right. Half of the leadership is female and is filled with diverse opinions, interests, hobbies, goals, and beliefs. What's really the problem, however, is that they are all just too white.

"I'm really aware of that and so I'm doing what I can to mitigate in the short term and I have a very detailed plan, which also national policing has as well, to try and shift that balance," she continued. "It's not OK that we look like we do across UK policing and I know my colleagues and I are all determined to shift that."

Pinkney, of course, doesn't actually want to look at the reasons that a police force might reasonably and logically have more of one ethnic background than another. Instead, she does what all Woke denizens do – she argues that there is an inherent moral evil if we don't stack our workplaces with as many intersectional groups as possible.

It's worth the disclaimer that Pickney's comments came after an investigation caught officers using slurs with each other. So instead of a reprimand for those officers, we get the wokeification of the entire police force.

But because Pinkey's language sounds normal and rationale in our insane times, let's break down a few reasons why the leadership of the U.K. police might be more white.

  1. The U.K. has been a Caucasian nation since it was first inhabited by human beings. Because of this, the U.K. still has a majority white population, which has accepted immigrants from all over the world based on the strong convictions of Christians who sought to harbor refugees and asylum seekers across two world wars and decades of international strife.
  2. Because the white population has been established much longer, it can be argued that it has advantages in access to education and job opportunities, but you can increase the opportunities for immigrant and second/third generation individuals without purposely degrading and pulling down others because their skin is now too light (hint: this is what happens with "equity").
  3. Many of the migrant groups in the U.K. hold to vastly different beliefs regarding what constitutes valid systems of laws. English Common Law is predicated upon a Judeo-Christian framework of justice that is vastly different than, say, the Islamic framework of Sharia Law. This is why underground Sharia councils exist outside the bounds of English law entirely. This doesn't mean that no one in these communities will be interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement, but it does mean that there are different weights and measures in play.

To better peel back the layers of madness, let's reverse the situation. Let's say that a bunch of white westerners moved to Nigeria. A hundred years from now, would you advocate that the Nigerian government should focus on stacking its police departments with white officers at the expense of others? What if the local police chief lamented being the department being "too black?" Doesn't that sound a bit wrong?

If so, the reverse should as well!

Here's the real kicker though. According to the British government's own statistics, the ethnic makeup of the overall police department already closely mirrors the actual diversity of the country.

I'd call that a job well done, but since being white is a sin now, we have to eliminate hiring by merit and proficiency and go with arbitrary categories based on skin color to achieve a prosperous and equal society!

A few years back, I remember seeing a guy chase a dozen white British officers around with a knife. I now know that he was simply protesting their systemic whiteness!

I can't wait for next year, when U.K. police lament the lack of LGBT officers in leadership, and then the next year when it's the lack of black LGBT officers, and then the next year when it's the lack of black Muslim LGBT officers, and the following year when it's the lack of black female Muslim LGBT officers!

Yay for progress!!


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