British sausage maker scraps vegan sausages, says the fake-meat market is wildly overhyped as sales plummet
· May 22, 2023 ·

Another day, another catastrophic loss for the fake meat pushers.

Everyone on the Left wants to tell you that going vegan is healthier, fake meat is as good as real meat, and that you're saving the planet if you eat this manufactured garbage.

But this sausage maker in Britain finally woke up and smelled the bacon, discontinuing his vegan sausage line after he realized that there wasn't really a market for it after all.

Andrew Keeble, co-founder of the company, said that the public "wasn't quite ready" to completely switch to vegetarian sausages and burgers.

He said: "We had a huge range of vegan products, because like everyone else, we believed what was being written in the press."

There are lots of big names in Silicon Valley and big Hollywood folks that are putting A LOT of money into the vegan food industry, all signs were that it was going to be the next big stock to invest in.

But people really don't want to buy it.

However, Mr Keeble added: "The vegan market is really funny. We actually had some amazing products out there that were very functional, very good for your gut – [such as] one with quinoa and beetroot in it.

"But the public somehow wasn't quite ready for it yet. They didn't want all that veg in the sausage."

It seems like there are A LOT more Ron Swanson's shopping at the butcher shop than the media would ever let on:

It's like everyone suddenly realized all this fake meat was really gross and no one actually wants it.

If you're gonna go vegetarian or vegan, just eat veggies! Don't try to change meat.

I can only hope that each of these failed ventures cost the Hollywood billionaires a ton of money!

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