Brits could face up to £6,400 fine for going outside during lockdown and I'm sure nothing like this will ever happen in America
· · Jan 11, 2021 ·

Want to go outside your home in Britain?

Well, you'd better have a really good excuse.

If you don't you'll be fined £200 ($271).

The police say you (might) get one warning, but after that you'll start paying the fine.

And guess what…

Each time you receive a fine the amount DOUBLES!

Though the fine maxes out at £6,400 ($8,675).

Am I doing the math right...that's six times you can get the fine before it maxes out?

Either way, if I'm in London I'm trying my best to make it all the way to £6,400 just for fun.

For the record it looks like you'll continue to get £6,400 fines upon your seventh, eighth, and ninth offenses, so don't push your luck there, old chap.

The strict lockdown comes as London, and pretty much the entire rest of the world at this point, is being hit with a new variant of Coronavirus which is more contagious.

I'm sorry, but I've been hit with enough hollow fear for the past year that I don't even care if the Coronavirus is getting more contagious.

Britain's third lockdown rules (yes, this is their third one) say you can be outside your home for a once-daily exercise routine, but they're not really specific about this and it seems like that's on purpose. They also allow travel for education (though most schools are closed), childcare, medical appointments, emergencies, essential shopping, religious worship, and employment (if you can't work remotely).

British Police seem pretty serious about the new lockdown, and it seems like the judgment of whether you have a good enough excuse to be out of your home will be left to the discretion of individual police officers. I'm sure they're not drunk with power or anything like that.

England's College of Policing, which helps train and develop the police force, had this to say and it's not scary at all:

"In overall terms police officers across England and Wales will be using their discretion and professional judgement about whether or not someone has a reasonable excuse for travelling for exercise and being outside the place where they are living."

Okay, now I'm just going to ponder this here:

Is this where we're headed in America? I hate to sound like your crazy uncle, but to all the other globalist nations this stuff is just normal now. Why should it be any different here once we have a good caring leader?

I sure hope I'm wrong about this, but my gut says it's about to get A LOT EASIER to take away people's freedoms in America. Not that we've done a very good job of preserving them in the first place...

Don't forget to save up some money for the Covid fines!


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