The California Senate just passed a bill requiring "gender-neutral" displays for toys and childcare products in stores ... because there's nothing else more urgent happening right now apparently 🤡

Sep 3rd

You know what's pretty convenient?

Walking into the toy section of a store and knowing where to find things by age and gender so you don't have to spend 42 minutes looking for that one toy from Raya and The Last Dragon that your daughter wants for Christmas.

In California, that convenience is about to be blasted out of the water in the name of wokeness:

California could soon force large department stores to display some child products in gender neutral ways after the state Legislature passed a bill on Wednesday aimed at getting rid of traditional pink and blue marketing schemes for items like toys and toothbrushes.

The California Senate on Monday passed a bill that would require stores with at least 500 employees to maintain gender-neutral sections in their stores.

  • Are customers asking for this? Nope.
  • Are department stores asking for this? Double nope.
  • Are toy manufacturers asking for this? Triple nope.

It's literally a huge virtue signal so politicians can pat THEMSELVES on the back while their state continues to crumble under taxes, corruption, homelessness, natural disasters, and addiction.

The bill would not outlaw traditional boys and girls sections in department stores, but it would require retailers to have a gender neutral section to display "a reasonable selection" of items "regardless of whether they have been traditionally marketed for either girls or for boys." It would only apply to toys and childcare products, not clothes.

You've got to love the ideas that leftists come up with while the world is burning around them.

"Our civilization is falling into ruin... Quick! Someone fine Walmart for not putting the princess dolls and action figures in the same aisle!"

Similar bills have failed to pass both houses of the assembly in 2019 and 2020, proving that if you don't succeed with a stupid idea in politics, just try again.

If it becomes law, California would become the first state to require these sections in stores, according to the office of Democrat Assemblyman Evan Low, the bill's author.

Republican State Senator Melissa Melendez, from Lake Elsinore, voted against the bill, explaining she would rather "recommend we let parents be parents."

"Unlike the author, I actually have children, five of them to be exact, and I can tell you it is very convenient for parents," she said. "I don't think parents need the government to step in and tell them how they should shop for their children."

Melendez is obviously an extremist. First, she is a parent. Second, she has FIVE KIDS, which is a cause for being sent to the gulags these days.

Third, she had the gumption to say that PARENTS should make decisions for shopping at the supermarket, not the GOVERNMENT.

Meanwhile, both of the bill's authors are gay guys who have exactly zero children because of course.

The AP reports that Sen. Scott Wiener, a Democrat from San Francisco, said that while both he and Low are "childless gay men," he defended their right to have opinions about children and families.

"We know what it was like to grow up not conforming to the way that your gender is supposed to be," he said, adding: "This is about making safe spaces for all children in today's society and not pushing, sometimes forcing children to conform."

What he means by that last part is that it's okay to force children to conform to his interpretation of reality. Try to keep up, you bigots.

Some other unhinged lunatics had some thoughts about this clearly sane policy proposal.

This is from state representative and gubernatorial recall candidate Kevin Kiley:

"This is the latest absurdity that California politicians are focused on while the legislature ignores its most basic responsibilities to California citizens, including cancelling a hearing on wildfires to spare Gavin Newsom bad press during the Recall election. We need a serious realignment—away from government corruption and control and toward freedom and liberty. I urge all Californians to join me in voting yes to recall Gavin Newsom."

Freedom and liberty?? Yep, that's definitely some unhinged advice right there.

Remember that this piece of legislation needs Newsom's signature to pass into law, and I have no doubt he would love to force stores to re-do their entire inventories just to earn woke points!

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