The DNC just launched focus groups to figure out why Americans don't like Kamala and the results were what anyone with two brain cells expected
· Apr 24, 2024 ·

Everyone with a brain already knows deep in their heart why Kamala Harris is unlikable, but the Democrats just can't puzzle it out.

VPs are supposed to be mostly in the background, so it's not good for President Joe Biden that his running mate has one of the most unnervingly memorable qualities of any vice president in recent memory.

From The Daily Mail:

The Democratic National Committee has conducted focus groups on Vice President Kamala Harris, according to a new CNN report, to understand why voters do not like her.

Some voters in the focus groups said they did not like Harris, specifically citing her laugh for criticism. Others questioned whether Biden even likes her.

That last one — "whether Biden even likes her" — is just brutal. Voters going straight-up Mean Girls on Kamala here.

But back to the big problem at hand — Kamala's laugh — well, you be the judge:



Harris' approval rating continues to rest somewhere in the mid-30s, according to polls, a historic low for the modern vice presidency as she spent the first three years in office struggling with bad headlines.

Headlines she created, yes.

But some Democratic voters said Harris was better than Biden at talking about abortion, guns, student loans, and the Israeli war in Gaza.

She can talk better than the dead guy? Amazing!

I wonder how the Dems feel about this woman, who jailed scores of Californians on weed charges to make a name for herself, putting out this message on 4/20 to hide from her own record:

I couldn't make a better parody if I tried!

Biden aides continue to signal frustration with Harris as she tries to break out on key issues during the presidential campaign.

The White House 'fumed' at Harris and her team, the report notes, after she tried to emphasize her position on 'an immediate ceasefire' in Gaza to the media, even though her position was no different than Biden's.

The report also notes Biden aides were 'annoyed' by the idea that they should lean on Harris more on some issues and were not pleased by reports of Harris holding private meetings with top Democrats to discuss the presidential campaign.

Oh man, don't let it stop. A Biden-Harris civil war might be what this nation needs right now.

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