The wage gap is real: Canadian ice cream company gives $1/hour pay raise to fully vaccinated employees

Nov 26th

Just what you need, another ice cream company jumping into the woke-lympics.

Chapman's Ice Cream is Canada's largest independent ice cream company. They are known for their range of ice cream for people with special dietary needs AND NOW they are ALSO known for MEDICAL DISCRIMINATION.

Chapman's Ice Cream is giving employees in Ontario who have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine a pay increase of $1.00 per hour.

Yes, that is in Canadian dollars, but still! What the heck?!

The terrified Covid hermits who want to stay under their rocks came out against the backlash and supported Chapmans with #StandWithChapmans.

And yes, even that guy's avatar is wearing a mask...

What is happening in our society when a huge company openly and proudly says they will pay some people more and others less simply based on their personal medical decisions?

They're not giving raises because the vaccinated work harder, put more hours in, go above and beyond, and just do a better job than the unvaccinated. They're giving the vaccinated raises as in incentive. To make the unvaccinated feel even worse. To discriminate openly while scoring woke-points.

"Oh, look at us! We care SO MUCH about people's health so we give them money to inject themselves with something that will be useless in about a year. And here, eat this tub of chocolate fudge brownie ice cream while you're at it."

And for the disgusting, filthy unvaccinated employees? Well, they're not being banished like most companies in Canada are doing, but they will have to take at least two rapid tests per week.

Ashley Chapman's, vice-president of Chapman's, says he is totally shocked by the negative backlash. He also has a girl's name.

"The reaction was pretty brutal, actually very, very aggressive. People were calling us, leaving messages after hours. I've been sent, the only thing I can say is hate packages in the mail," Chapman told CBC.

Imagine being surprised by negative backlash after literal medical discrimination?

But lookie here! NOW WE GOT A REAL WAGE GAP.

Unvaccinated Chapman's Ice Cream workers are paid $1.00 less than their vaccinated counterparts.

And that's a fact!

"There's just not enough Canadians that are anti-vax enough to send us hate mail and to affect our sales," he said. "They might think that their boycott could actually do something to us, but we would never notice."

And isn't that the hard, sad truth... Canadians are too passive, confused, and morally exhausted to care.

There are 850 employees at this facility, about 85 of them have received their first dose. Only five employees have refused to reveal their vaccination status or take rapid tests, and are currently on unpaid leave.


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