Canadian university celebrates "progress" with segregated pool swim
Β· Jan 31, 2024 Β·

A Canadian university has gone back in time and reintroduced segregated swimming sessions - and we're supposed to believe this is a good thing.

We're also supposed to forget that swimming pools in Canada and the U.S. have a troubling history of racial segregation. For years, in both countries, black people used to be banned from pools and beaches with "Whites Only" signs and police presence to enforce it.

Now let's fast-forward to the University of Waterloo today:

The school's website says, "Come and enjoy the pool with other Black folx!"

The initiative is part of the University of Waterloo's athletics department's push to adopt DEI ideology.

The aim is to get more Black Folx into a space where they haven't always been welcomed, while providing them the opportunity to learn swimming skills.


This time is dedicated to building a better relationship with water for the Black community.

Canadians thought we had moved past this type of racist discrimination. I've enjoyed many pools and beaches with people of all colors! And we were all okay.

Special treatment for some means discrimination for others. But in today's "progressive" world, it's not racist if it's discriminating against white people.

A spokesperson from the university told True North that these segregated swims are not only an inclusive "safe space," but these sessions will actually save lives.

Offering a safe space for the community to learn to swim will help to reduce not only the stigma that β€˜Black people can't swim,' but also, help to reduce the drowning rates among this population by inviting them into an activity that is not just fun, but can also be lifesaving.

And Waterloo isn't stopping there.

The university also provides swim, workout, and rock climbing slots exclusively for transgender, "non-binary," and "2SLGBTQ+" individuals.

They even have "women's only" swimming sessions, BUT to no one's surprise, that also includes biological males pretending to be female.

If you are not trans or non-binary, or participating with someone who is, please respect this space and come at another time when space is open to all users.

So much for "women only." πŸ™„

We've obviously come full circle on this issue, and that's a great tragedy. Our society has gone from separating blacks from whites; now, we're separating whites from blacks.

Tomato, tomahto.

Sadly, resegregation is not rare enough these days.

Other Canadian universities are segregating recreational spaces. According to True North, new DEI "black-only" areas are emerging in various sections of university campuses and theaters.

  • Racially segregated yoga sessions and "LGBT2QIA only" swims have been created at the University of Guelph.
  • The University of Windsor hosts weekly "LGBTQ+ Inclusive Swim" and bi-weekly "2SLGBTQIA+ only" workout sessions.
  • At the same time, Carleton University in Ottawa offers a "Trans and Allies Fitness Space" three times a week.

Sooner or later, we'll all be in our designated groups with certain rules and restrictions based on our race, identity, and religion.

Could you imagine a world like that?

Oh wait, we already did that and then fought against it because we decided segregation was a bad thing ... didn't we? πŸ€”

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