"We cannot fund these f****** wars!": Cardi B just BLASTED Joe Biden, says New York's budget cuts are a sign America is in recession 🤯
· Nov 20, 2023 · NottheBee.com

THIS is what you call a case of buyer's remorse!

Rapper Cardi B - CARDI B, Y'ALL - took to Instagram to deliver a foul-mouthed tirade against Joe Biden for trying to fund two foreign wars while NYC faces budget cuts, largely thanks to the illegal immigration crisis.

Watch her rant:

[Major language warning AND she's in a bathrobe with nothing underneath and no sense of modesty]

If you chose to skip the video, God bless you, I sat through it so I can give you some of the edited and censored highlights.

I need y'all to spread this video and if something happens to me it's because I'm speaking truth ... Here's the truth, right? In New York there's a 120 million budget cut ... that is going to effect schools, public libraries, and the police department - y'all know I don't give a f--- about the cops, but it is what it is.

Ahh, there's the rapper we've come to know and ... well, just know.

And a $5 million budget cut in sanitation! A budget cut in sanitation! B----- we're gonna be drowning in rats! We are going to be drowning in f---ing rats!

Cardi B - yes, the woman made famous by a song focusing on women's genitalia - is mad that New York is cutting the budget on things that she sees as important, like schools and libraries because the country is in a huge mess.

And she's blaming one person: Joe Biden.

How is there a $100 million budget cut in New York City ... yet Joe Biden is talking about "Yeah, we can fund two wars! We can fund two wars! We're the greatest nation!" No the f--- we're not! We're going through some s--- right now! Like, say it! Say it ...! We really are f---ed right now!

Is it just me or does Cardi B sound... I don't know, America first??

Sounds like she and her buddies have been listening to Tucker Carlson or something ...

We're trying to fund two wars! That's like a ni--- tryin' to front like, "Yeah, I got the money to support two b----es," but you really don't!

She really just compared Biden funding two wars to a broke person trying to keep two girlfriends happy! The stunning political insight of the WAP lady (but somehow the metaphor works!).

She also appears to think Joe Biden is the one cutting NYC's budget.

Cardi may not know why she's right (she never mentions immigration), but in a weird way she is totally right.

We're in a recession right now! They don't want to say the word, but we in a recession!

Guys, I never thought I'd say it, but Cardi B is completely correct.


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