CEO of video game developer Tripwire resigns after outrage that he dared tweet his support of Texas' new abortion law
· · Sep 7, 2021 ·
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This is the tweet that led to this man's resignation.

John Gibson "stepped down" as CEO of Tripwire Interactive, a video game development company, after a pro-life tweet of his ruffled too many woke feathers.

Gibson said he was "proud of the #USSupremeCourt affirming the Texas law banning abortion for babies with a heartbeat."

That's right. He referred to those darn clumps of cells as "babies." That's a big no-no in the Lib Land of Woke World.

"As an entertainer, I don't get political often," Gibson said. "Yet with so many vocal peers on the other side of this issue. I felt it was important to go on the record as a pro-life game developer."

This is America. People get blacklisted for coming out as "pro-life."

"The comments given by John Gibson are of his own opinion, and do not reflect those of Tripwire Interactive as a company," the company said in a statement. "[Gibson's] comments disregarded the values of our whole team, our partners and much of our broader community. Our leadership team at Tripwire are deeply sorry and are unified in our commitment to take swift action and to foster a more positive environment."

FoStEr A mOrE pOsItIvE eNvIroNmEnT🤡

Nothing says "positive environment," like booting someone for having a different opinion on something.

Why are they "deeply sorry," and why does Gibson need to get fired -- I mean, step down -- if the comments are just "his own opinion, and do not reflect those of Tripwire"?

Is it really that hard for woke liberals to work alongside someone who thinks murdering babies is wrong?

What does one's pro-life conviction have anything to do with developing video games? Absolutely nothing.

Vice President Alan Wilson, a co-founding member of Tripwire, "will take over as interim CEO."

"Alan will work with the rest of the Tripwire leadership team to take steps with employees and partners to address their concerns including executing a company-wide town hall meeting and promoting open dialogue with Tripwire leadership and all employees," the company said.

"[Wilson's] understanding of both the company's culture and the creative vision of our games will carry the team through this transition, with full support from the other Tripwire leaders."

Liberal Hypocrisy is to pretend they're "promoting open dialogue" right after they've blacklisted your CEO for a different opinion.

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer game developers to focus on actually making their freaking video games, not hosting woke echo chamber town hall meetings.

This story reminds me of when Mozilla's CEO at the time, Brendan Eich, resigned from the company after facing backlash for privately donating money to oppose the legalization of "gay marriage" in California in 2008.

Again, what does one's conviction on marriage have to do with developing an internet browser? Absolutely nothing. But, you see, when you oppose homosexuality, apparently you're not allowed to keep your job, either.

Eich went on to make Brave browser, which just passed 36 million monthly active users last week, and it's way better than Mozilla Firefox.

As a pro-life gamer, I really hope that kind of turnaround happens for Gibson.

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