Check out the latest ridiculous girly-man FLOP from flopmaster LeBron James, along with a compilation of some of his best sprawls

May 3rd

LeFlop James, ladies and gentlemen -- AKA King of the Flop!

Seriously, I don't think that elbow even touched him at all. Even if it did, it BARELY grazed him. He acted like he got shot in the face.

(Yeah, if you didn't catch it, the tweet accompanying the video was sarcastic.)

Here are a view more A+ responses to this Charmin-soft flopadopalous -- the ones rated PG that I could include here:

Last guy brings up a great point.

Is anyone reading this old enough to remember the golden 80s/90s era of NBA? Jordan? Magic? Bird? Dr. J? Malone? Olajuwon? Barkley? The Bad Boys? Fist fights during games? Full-body-check fouls?

And y'all really wanna argue whether LeBron is the same caliber as Jordan??

And now, I've taken the liberty of looking up a handful more obscene and pathetic LeFlops from recent years, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy:



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