Hold onto your hats as ABC tries to spin the overwhelming belief that Biden hasn't united America as national "optimism"

May 3rd

We've reached a new level of spin:

Imagine there was a drought, but a poll found that 23% of people think plants are actually becoming greener during said drought. Imagine that some newspaper boasted that 87% of this minority gave credit to our Supreme Leader, then had the gall to say the nation is "optimistic" about the drought.

That's the game of making headlines though!

Buried 7 paragraphs into the article, ABC admits that actually it's mostly Democrats who believe the fairytale that the nation is somehow more unified:

Only about a quarter of Americans (23%) think the country has become more united since Biden took office. Among this group, an overwhelming 87% give Biden credit. Only 3% assigned credit to Republican leaders in Congress, and 10% said both in the poll.

Among the 28% who said the country is more divided, 6 in 10 think Biden is more responsible for the divisions, compared to 34% who say both Biden and Republicans are culpable for sowing division. Only 6% faulted Republicans.

Nearly half of the country (48%) doesn't see movement on the question of unity since Biden took office, believing the country is neither more united nor more divided.

Views on the polarization of the country during Biden's early tenure fall along party lines, with 95% of Democrats saying the country is either more united (45%) or the same (50%), and 97% of Republicans saying the nation is more divided (65%) or the same (32%).

Since we do the media's job for them here at NTB, here's a few more accurate way to put it:

Whoever thinks our current atmosphere is unifying is verifiably not in touch with reality: as in, living in a delusion of the mind.

It takes a lot of ignorance and/or time glued to CNN to ignore the Americans being branded "insurrectionists," woke celebs heaping guilt on everyone, race riots and burning cites, a scared populace that's given up its liberty, the destruction of Constitutional protections, and the Marxist indoctrination of our kids.

The real premise of "optimism" touted by ABC is that 64% of Americans think the country is "headed in the right direction":




Yet just like an economy quickly recovering from a forced recession, the vagueness of "the right direction" isn't made clear.

  • Do I think we're headed in the right direction economically? Sure!
  • Do I think we're headed in the right direction with lifting COVID restrictions! About 10 months too late, but yes!
  • Am I confident that this year is going to have more opportunities than one where everything was locked down and boarded up? Call me an optimist!
  • Do I think this nation is heading toward social or financial cohesion and overall cultural healing? Not even one iota.

But what ABC and others do here is twist headlines to purposely conflate general optimism after severe lockdowns with presidential satisfaction and national unity. It's not even close – not even one bit.

We need to wake up to that fact if there's going to be real change!


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