A chocolate shop in Seattle refused service to two police officers and now I guess we'll just wait for Webster's Dictionary to change the definition of "tolerance"

May 3rd

So this is where we're at in America:

Can't ya just smell the unity?

Yup, Chocolati, a small chain of chocolate shop cafes in Seattle, has a reputation for treating cops badly. But now they've taken it to the next level and straight up REFUSED SERVICE TO POLICE OFFICERS.

Because now we're all just gonna act like teenagers, I guess…

This happened on Tuesday afternoon at the 45th Street location. An officer and his trainee walked into the store and got in line for what I'm guessing are some pretty delicious chocolates. When the person in front of them completed their order, the two officers stepped up to the counter. However, the girl behind the counter, who had "green streaks in her hair"—are you surprised?—simply ignored them.

Classy, Becky… classy!

And then, when the officers finally got her attention, she told them, "no, I won't serve you." So they left.

And before we get into a "but what about that gay wedding cake guy in Denver?" argument, I'll say this: these officers are going to take this like men. They're not going to threaten legal action, because they know that here in America—or maybe this was in CHAZ, I'm not sure—either way, here in America you have the right to make decisions that will send your business down the drain. That's just how it works. And people will hear about this.


I don't care how delicious the chocolate is.

In fact, the word has already gotten out. And it's about as delicious as the chocolate behind the counter.

Check out this thread on their Twitter page:

Delicious indeed!

Oh, and on top of that, look what I found on their website:



Chocolati has since fired the staff member who refused service to the officers, but my best judgement says they only did this because of the public backlash.


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