Check out this megathread from a San Fran lefty who is beginning to question this whole "progressivism" thing
· · Dec 27, 2021 ·

She's so close to that red pill.

Check it out:

It's like watching a toddler take her first steps. You want to help her, but you know she needs to do this on her own.

Here's a few reminders of the absolute nightmare unfolding in San Fran right now.

Hmm, it's almost like leftists hijack language to create phrases that sound nice but actually mean the opposite of what you think.

Like I said, she's so close! Someone get this woman a copy of the Federalist Papers, writings by Orwell, Chesterton, Sowell, Lord Acton, and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, and a starter course on the biblical teachings of human nature!

If anyone knows this woman, please put a history book in her hand. It's gonna blow her mind how leaders throughout all of history have used political opponents to justify power grabs.

Oh... and wait till she hears that a bunch of people tried to create a constitutional republic with a robust system of checks and balances to stop the nefarious elements of human nature!!

Here are a few of her questions. Give her some credit: she's trying.

To that last one, I might take a moment to point out that a robust push for abortion while telling people that more children will kill the planet isn't the best strategy for sustaining your civilization.

Acceptance is the first step on the road to recovery!

It's almost like there were some dudes who thought through these exact questions in 1776. They are now considered racists.

Here is perhaps the best conclusion she comes to in this thread, however:

This is the crux of the matter. Leftists don't always know what they actually believe or why they think the policies they support will actually lead to societal flourishing. They simply believe they are more moral because they have replaced God with government and given as much penance as they can muster!

Hopefully, more people like Michelle will begin thinking about these questions of human nature, big government, the welfare state, and true justice! California might be able to be saved after all!

Like I said: she's so close!

Let's keep the questioning going – and please, for the love of everything good and green on God's earth, someone get this woman a copy of the writings of Thomas Sowell!


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