Check Your Privilege! U. of Wisconsin Grad Student and Teaching Assistant Resigns After Lying About Being Black
· Sep 18, 2020 ·

A grad student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has resigned as a teaching assistant after admitting to fraudulently claiming "Person of Color" status.

The grad student, CV Vitolo-Haddad who, of course, uses the gender non-binary pronouns they/them, admitted that she/they/whomever, lied about being both black and Hispanic to gain social justice victimhood points.

In their (her) first apology they (she) stated: "I have let guesses about my ancestry become answers I wanted but couldn't prove."

Yeah OK.

The apology begins with CV addressing her "comrades." Seriously. You know this is going to be a doozy. Here's one of the confusing lines from the initial apology.

In trying to sort through parts of who I am, I've taken some very wrong turns. I never really owned up to them as they became apparent, nor recognized the trail of damage behind me. The harm I caused is a result of my lack of courage, a preference for being vague and contradictory, uncertain and insecure.

Ah yes, she prefers to be "vague and contradictory." So it isn't out of a desire for personal advantage, it's the shroud of mystique that's so appealing.

Right. I'm sure.

In her follow-up apology, CV uses the Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren defense.

In trying to make sense of my experiences with race, I grossly misstepped. I went along with however people saw me. I over-identified with unreliable and unproven family history and latched onto anything I remembered growing up.

You know, those stories your Sicilian family tells about how they're black and Hispanic. A common thing, I'm sure.

It's almost as if in the SJW ideology there is more virtue in being an oppressed minority as well as enhanced social and professional opportunities.

As a full-on social justice warrior, CV, for some reason, chose not to use her superpower of white privilege and instead deceived her fellow students to make them believe she was an oppressed minority.

In a world where perceived victimhood is the highest form of virtue, it isn't at all surprising that you have people pretending to be oppressed in order to get ahead.

This is just the latest such story. Just a couple weeks ago a George Washington professor of African History admitted that she had lied about being black and then chose to cancel herself.

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