Can't make it up: Chicago man points gun at reporters during live segment on Chicago gun violence
· May 26, 2022 ·

Just in case you wanted an update on how well all those "progressive" policies are working over in the warzone of Chiraq:

Nothing to see here, folks! Just a model citizen flagging a reporter and a cameraman with his gun on live TV!

A recap of crime in Chicago:

  • 224 people have been murdered since January.
  • Over 800 were murdered in 2021, the highest level in 25 years
  • 10 people were shot, two of whom died, at a popular McDonald's just a few blocks from the tourist-packed Magnificent Mile shopping district.

Here's a Chicago neighborhood with little blue dots representing all the murders from mid-2020 until now.

Of course, not every person who gets shot dies, thanks to quick first responders and modern medicine.

The actual number of people who take a bullet every year is even higher.

And there were 3,561 shooting incidents in 2021, which is just over 300 more than were recorded in 2020 and a staggering 1,415 more shooting incidents than were recorded in the city in 2019.

It's a good thing that Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, eh?

And it's even better that Chicago has a mayor who's soft on murderous thugs!

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