Watch: Chicago residents complain about Walmart leaving their neighborhoods, say they "deserve to be able to shop" at stores they've repeatedly looted
· Apr 17, 2023 ·

Today, citizens of the leftist utopia of Chiraq are surprised that private businesses would pull out of their crime-ridden neighborhoods!

These dummies act like it's a guaranteed right to have a Walmart in their neighborhood, even though said Walmarts have been losing "tens of millions" annually because of theft, taxes, vandalism, and other losses.

"How do I feed my children?"

I dunno, my man, buy some chickens and sow some seeds like humans did for thousands of years before Sam Walton perfected big-box distribution and spent the money to build stores in your city?

"We should not have to go out of our communities to have to be able to shop! ... We deserve to be able to shop!"

Yes, my man, this is true. In any civilized nation or city, these should be basic things you can do, because people like to make money and are more than happy to make it convenient for you to spend it.

But there's a reason there are no Walmarts in Darfur or Fallujah.

Let me remind this clear amnesiac what these four Chicago Walmarts have endured the past few years:

You cannot steal from a man's business and expect him to continue to provide goods and services. Having convenient shopping close to you is not a human right. God in heaven above has created no right to groceries delivered 2,000 miles to your front door. How selfish and lazy and dumb and entitled do you have to be to say that you "deserve" such a thing??

Enjoy the bed you made, Chicagoans!

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