THE HECK? Chicago's Lori Lightfoot is now excluding white reporters from interviews, says she will only talk with "Black or Brown journalists"
· May 19, 2021 ·

We did it, everyone! We solved racism!

Yes, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot – who's been in a running gun battle for worst mayor of all time over the past year – is now banning reporters from 1-on-1 interviews completely based on the color of their skin.

It's just "anti-racism" at work, folks!

Even Chicago-area reporters from the woke media were super confused:

Chicago Alderman George Cardenas was also in a state of disbelief at the news:

There's no word on whether this applies solely to 1-on-1 interviews or if Lightfoot will be racist in all her press coverage from now on.

I'm sure in the coming days we'll be told that Lightfoot just needs reporters who "fully understand her or appreciate her life experience," or something of the sort. We'll be told that this totally isn't racist or totalitarian or anything of the sort.

I also assume that they might stipulate that they only want real "Black and Brown" reporters: You know, the kind that vote Democrat.

After all, they might argue, if actors can only play people they look, think, or feel like these days, shouldn't reporters only be allowed to cover people that look, think, and feel like them??

If you have any issues with this racist madness, just remember: Lightfoot is a black lesbian woman with an intersectional level of approximately 10,000, so she's immune to things like justice, equality, and logic!

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