Chris Rufo is sharing old tweets from NPR's new CEO and his summaries are sending me ... get in here for the funniest ones ๐Ÿ’€
ยท Apr 17, 2024 ยท

NPR hired the avatar of woke white women as its new CEO.

I'm not joking. Chris Rufo has spent the past few days sharing this woman's old tweets and lemme tell you, if you want to know what brainwashing looks like, look no further than this woman.

[Lots of tweets, so give it a sec to load]

You may think this trolling is pointless. It's not. This lady is the apex AWFL (Affluent White Female Liberal) and she has her fingerprints over all the institutions that have gone sour.

This trolling is reaching millions of people, and its showing them that the CEO of our publicly-funded national radio station is a caricature - an insane person trapped in layers of delusion (translation: She crazy).

Lemme tell you, The New York Times cared enough to scold us for noticing!!

(So keep noticing, and keep laughing. It's how we win.)

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