ICE Boston arrested 4 alleged child rapists in a single morning, but that's not the worst of it. Local courts keep letting them go.
ยท Apr 17, 2024 ยท

I dunno, guys. I think importing a bunch of pedos into America might not be a good idea.

In one city (Boston), the feds rounded up FOUR accused child rapists from the "migrant" community IN A SINGLE MORNING.

"That's every day up here in Boston."

Wrap your head around that.

More on this accused pedo from Fox News' Bill Melugin:

ICE Boston says this Brazilian illegal alien was apprehended by Border Patrol in AZ in July 2021, then released into the U.S., & later arrested in Massachusetts for child rape in Dec. 2023.

ICE says the Milford District Court ignored their detainer request & released him into the community on $5,000 bail without notice in late January.


Do our officials hate us???

ICE statement: "This Brazilian noncitizen is accused of sexually abusing a Massachusetts minor," said ICE Boston Field Office Director Todd Lyons. "Every second he spends roaming free in our communities, he represents a potential threat to the children of our communities. The men and women of ICE Boston will always prioritize public safety by protecting the residents of New England from egregious noncitizen offenders."

This isn't a one-off. A court released this next illegal even though he was accused of TEN COUNTS of AGGRAVATED CHILD RAPE:

There are more than 300 U.S. cities with more than 100,000 people (Boston has over 600,000). Almost all of these cities are packed with millions of illegals - mostly young men - who have entered under Joe Biden's administration. ICE and Border Patrol barely have the ability to screen or deport them, having been handicapped by Biden. Even when they do deport these guys, the perps rarely face consequences for their crimes.

So if 4 pedos were caught in one morning in Boston, how many remain uncaught in Boston? How many are spread across hundreds - thousands - of American cities? How many are right down the street from where you and your family sleep?

And what about the cartel members and the robbers and the garden-variety murderers? How many of them are within spitting distance of our families?

Now ask yourself: How many more will there be after 4 more years of this?

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